Geolinc Plus Codes

Account Status Codes

Code   Description
A          Active
D         Dormant
H         Holding

Document Types

Code  Description
11        Deed
12        Estate Deed (Executors' Or Administrators' Deeds)
13        Will With Certificate Of Probate, Letters Testamentary, Grant Of Probate
14        Letter Of Administration
15        Expropriation
16        Abandonment Of Expropriation
17        Crown Grant
18        Deed Under Power Of Sale, Foreclosure Of Mortgage, Tax Sale, Sheriff's Deed, Bankruptcy Deed
19        Deed (Partial Interest)
20        Assignment Of Lease
21        Lease
22        Easement, Right-Of-Way
23        License (Timber)
24        Mineral Lease Or License
25        Camp Site (Crown Land Lease)
26        Zoning By-Law
27        Certificate Of Discontinuance Of Highway
28        Release Of Right Or Interest, Consent To Transfer Property, Surrender Of Lease, Assignment Of Lease
29        Surrender Of Lease
31        Quieting Of Titles Order, Certificate Of Title
32        Change Of Name
33        Marriage Certificate
34        Letters Of Correction
35        Power Of Attorney
37        Court Order, Vesting Order (Ancillary Decree, Order, Decree Appointing Guardian With Power To Transfer Real Estate)
38        Notice Of Registration (Land Titles Only)
39        Application For First Registration Of Title (Land Titles Only)
41        Notice Of Death
42        Notice Of Marriage
43        Notice Of Tax Sale (Certificate Of Sale Or Purchase)
44        Notice Of Court Action
45        Notice Under S.42(3) Family Law Reform Act
46        Other Notices
47        Notice Of Approval Of Plan Of Subdivision
51        Mortgage
52        Other Voluntary Charges (I.E. Demand Debenture, Etc.)
54        Judgment (Certificate, Minute, Memorial)
55        Caution Or Caveat
56        Lis Pendens
57        Mechanics' Lien
59        Conditional Sale
61        Discharge, Release Or Satisfaction (I.E. Mortgage, Mechanics' Lien)
62        Assignment Of Mortgage
65        Release Of Dower
66        Change Of Terms Of Charge
67        Partial Discharge Or Release (I.E. Mortgage, Claim For Lien)
68        Other Assignments
71        Agreement, Option To Purchase And Sale
72        Boundary Agreement
73        Agreement Re:Use Of Land, Identification Agreement
74        Agreement Concerning Mortgage
77        Affidavit Under S.42(3), Family Law Reform Act
78        Other Agreements
81        Condominium Declaration
82        Condominium Deed
93        Preliminary Certificate
N1        Survey Plan Refer To Transportation & Public Works Dept.
N6        Survey Plan For Condominiums
N7        Survey Plan Refer To Community & Cultural Affairs Dept.
N8        Survey Plan Registered
Pp        Refer To Parent Property

Farm Quality Codes

Code  Description
BF      Bona Fide Farmer
BL       Bona Fide Life Interest
BM      Bona Fide Marginal Farmer
BR      Bona Fide Review
BU      Bona Fide Farm Use
N         Non Bona Fide Farmer
NR      Non Bona Fide Review

Owner Id Codes

Code  Description
301     Veterans Lands Act Properties
410     Lease Federal Crown land or buildings on crown land
411     Federal Crown property (May or May not include Grant-In-Lieu)
413     Canada Post Corporation
414     Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
434     Provincial Crown Property
435     Leased Provincial Crown land or buildings (includes lease by Crown Federal)
436     Provincial Crown Property conveyed from C.N.R (includes leases)
437     PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation
438     PEI Liquor Control Commision
450     PEI Housing Corporation:Senior citizen housing or provincial garden suites
451     PEI Housing Corporation:Provincial family housing
452     PEI Housing Corporation:Federal/Provincial family housing
453     "PEI Housing Corporation:Others (includes rural & native rentals
460     Maritime Electric Company Limited (Generating & Distribution)
464     Island Telephone Company (Distribution)
467     Summerside Electric Utility (Generating and Distribution)
468     Left blank intentionally
470     Hospitals
471     Churches
473     Church Halls
474     Cemeteries
475     UPEI or Holland College (includes properties not necessary for educational purposes)
476     Maritime Christian College
477     Workers Compensation Board properties
485     Enterprise PEI leased properties
490     Enterprise PEI properties

Ownership Codes

Code  Description
A01     Owner resident of PEI
A02     Owner resident of other Canadian province or territory
A03     Owner resident of United States or its territories
A04     Owner resident of other foreign country
A06     Left blank intentionally
C61     Resident corporation
C81     Resident life interest (owner non-resident)
C87     Non-resident status (eligibility for PTC to be queried)
C88     Resident status (subject to review)
C89     Resident status - Out of province address
C90     Non-resident status In-province address
C91     Non-resident corporation

Tax Exempt Codes

Code  Name                                             Description
501     Grant-In-Lieu properties                 Property owned by Crown Federal
503     Grant-In-Lieu properties                 Provincially owned properties lease by Crown Federal
510     Grant-In-Lieu properties                 Canada Post Corporation
530     Grant-In-Lieu properties                 Property owned by C.B.C
590     Senior Citizen Deferrals                 Description left blank intentionally
650     Public Utility Companies                 Maritime Electric Company
660     Public Utility Companies                 Island Telephone Co
670     Public Utility Companies                 Summerside Electric Utility (Generating & Distribution)
680     Public Utility Companies                 Description left blank intentionally 
710     Municipally Exempt Properties       Properties owned by a municipality and exempt from municipal tax
810     Provincial Exempt Properties         Properties owned by the province and exempt from provincial tax
901     Totally Exempt Properties              Federal properties where not grant-in-lieu is to be receive
902     Totally Exempt Properties              Crown Federal application for grant-in-lieu
904     Totally Exempt Properties              CNR not subject to grant-in-lieu
905     Totally Exempt Properties              Hospitals (as defined by the act)
910     Totally Exempt Properties              Churches
915     Totally Exempt Properties              Church Halls (as defined by the act)
920     Totally Exempt Properties              Cemeteries (as defined by the act)
925     Totally Exempt Properties              Public parks (provincially owned)
935     Totally Exempt Properties              Property necessary for educational purposes
936     Totally Exempt Properties              University of PEI and Holland College
937     Totally Exempt Properties              Maritime Christian College
940     Totally Exempt Properties              Buildings
950     Totally Exempt Properties              Wildlife management areas (Provincially owned land)
951     Totally Exempt Properties              Natural Areas Protection (Provincially owned land)
960     Totally Exempt Properties              Workers Compensation Board properties (RE: Workers Compensa